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Blog comments on Do-Follow

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Do-follow comment posting is an awesome technique to get high quality blog backlinks.

1- Install firefox if you don't have it Firefox
2- Then install SeoQuake add-on
3- Then install NoDoFollow add-on
After installing each of the plug-ins, firefox will ask you to restart it for the plug-in to be enabled.
4- Visit Comment Hunt
5- Search for a general keyword example "Blog"
6- Now as you'll see there will be a long bar under each listing and that is SeoQuake the plug-in you Installed, it will show you the PR, Google Backlinks, Alexa Rank, and so on
7- Ok, pick one of the blogs
8- Click comments just like the images below

9- Now you go to tools and click on NoDoFollow

10 Scroll down to the comments that are already posted if the names are highlighted blue, the blog is a dofollow blog, if the names are highlighted pink, the blog is nofollow. If the names aren't highlighted at all that means the person who commented didn't submit a link along with the post you have to go to a different comment that has a link to check.
Example of a DoFollow blog:

Example of a NoFollow blog:

11- Final step, is to make the comment, be original or don't just make sure it's not that short, and don't copy the other comments, just write anything that has to do with the subject, because most of the dofollow blogs comments need approval, most of them will be approved. Do that over and over again to build a strong PR.

Things You Should Know
Should Know:
When you search for a keyword again on all links will be blue if you have the NoDoFollow plug-in on, but that doesn't mean the blog is dofollow it means that is dofollow, you must go through 4,5,6 in the e-book because you can only tell if its dofollow by the names that have links under it, or by source code but that is for advanced people.

Good to know:
I've heard that some just some, I mean just a little bit of the blog owners change their blogs to nofollow after a while but I don't think a lot will change it because they want it to be dofollow, when its dofollow they get more webmaster visitors, and comments.

Can having dofollow comments on my blog affect its reputation?